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Call for Proposals - Rapid-Fire Sessions


What is the Rapid-Fire Session? This fast-paced session is comprised of 8-10 individual rapid-fire presentations in a 1-hour session. You will need to be able to present your topic in 5-minutes with a visual aid or no more than 1 slide and we encourage you to have fun, be educational and inspiring. 

Things to Consider: 

  • Rapid-Fire presenters are not eligible for the speaker discount registration rate.
  • You can submit a proposal for a traditional presentation as well as a Rapid-Fire session even with the same topic. 

We are particularly interested in tips and very short, illustrative stories or case studies concerning:

  • Site Monitoring 
  • Study Coordination
  • Patient Recruitment
  • CRO Selection
  • Data Management
  • Study Design
  • Contract Management
  • Wearables
  • Safety / Efficacy 
  • Study Records
  • Communication 
  • Vendor Selection
  • People Management
  • Careers
  • Education / Training
  • Data Protection – Global Trends
  • Safety / Efficacy / Device Performance

 Selection Criteria:

  • Can the topic be effectively delivered in 5 minutes?
  • Is it likely that the presentation will positively impact future job performance?
  • Will this presentation impact many different job categories?
  • Will this presentation be unique and important?
  • How will this presentation influence current research trends?

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