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Call for Proposals - Education Sessions


ACRP is seeking proposals that directly enhance the competencies, skills, professional advancement, and knowledge of mid to advanced level clinical research professionals. Our primary audience has 3 or more years of experience, and the vast majority are certified professionals who attend the conference seeking continuing education units to maintain their certification. We welcome submissions from all competency domains:

  • Clinical Trial Operations / GCPs
  • Study and Site Management
  • Medicines Development and Regulations
  • Scientific Concepts and Research Design
  • Ethical and Participant Safety Considerations
  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Leadership and Professionalism
  • Data Management, Informatics and Technologies

To learn more about the core competency framework for clinical research professionals click here.

We also encourage and welcome advanced topics around:

  • Industry trends
  • Impact of clinical research technologies
  • Clinical trials of the future
  • Process improvement and more

Priority consideration will be given to those topics that directly translate to improving competency, enhancing quality conduct and career advancement.

Proposal Review

Proposals are reviewed for the following criteria:

- Alignment with Core Competencies or Hot Topic.

- Accurate, detailed and up to date information.

- Quality – well written, focused, and clear description of what the challenge is, why it is important and what the audience will walk away with.

- Well written objectives that match the description.

- Design- interactive (use of polling, activities, discussion opportunities, etc.).

- Multiple perspectives (utilizing multiple speakers, data, interviews, etc.).


Submission Agreement:

I understand if chosen as a presenter:

  • I will meet all deadlines set by ACRP for submitting materials.
  • I will assist ACRP in marketing my participation in the conference to personal colleagues and contacts.

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